Hannah Blair

Veterinary Surgeon

Hannah Blair - Veterinary Surgeon
Hannah Blair BVMS MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Hi, my name is Hannah Blair, I graduated from Glasgow University in 2003 (eek!) 

In my first job in Leeds I did mixed practice, but for the last 17 years have only dealt with small animals. After Leeds I worked in Hong Kong for a year which was a great experience and meant a steep learning curve to catch up on all the tropical diseases which we are lucky enough not to have in this country, although with global warming who knows what we will begin to see in the future.

I love travelling and have used my veterinary skills to travel to some exotic places in the world to be part of spay/neuter/anti-rabies campaigns for dogs and cats, India, Samoa, Galapagos, Dominican Republic, Greece, and Botswana are a few- it's a hard life! LOL! But seriously, I am actually passionate about improving companion and stray animal welfare worldwide and strongly believe the projects I have been on have really helped the quality of life for those animals not to mention the human and environmental components too, regarding rabies management , vaccination, parasite prevention and protecting indigineous wildlife.

I have been working in Blackwood for many years, starting in 2011, but since then have had 2 children, so now only work part time.

I love the fact that I still see cats and dogs that I met as kittens and puppies and the relationships I have formed with their owners over time means a great deal to me.