Offering a broad range of cutting-edge services

We are proud to offer a broad range of cutting-edge services and facilities within our branches are top of the range.

Whether your pet is visiting us purely for observation, a dental procedure or a serious operation, you can rest assured that we do everything we can to ensure their safety and comfort from the moment they arrive. From the super-hygienic, specialist animal kennels (made by Poltec in the UK for South Wales Vets) to the state of the art, in-house laboratories, we invest in our business to ensure that your pet receives the best available care, in the least stressful environment, as fast as possible and for a reasonable price.

Specialist Services

In-house Laboratory

South Wales Vets is proud to offer "in-house" laboratory tests at all sites, significantly reducing the turnaround time associated with routine blood tests etc. By not involving an external provider we also pass significant savings on to you, the customer.

Specialist Kennels

The kennels we use to care for our patients are manufactured to the highest standards in the United Kingdom by Poltec. Spacious, warm, comfortable and easily cleaned; our kennels ensure your pet is comfortable for the duration of their stay with us.

Home Visits

When necessary we can treat animals at their home. Home visits tend to be requested when the customer is elderly and/or disabled, or the animal is too poorly to transport. Depending on the staff we have available, the veterinary surgeon who attends your animal may travel from a branch other than the one you normally attend.



South Wales Vets have state of the art dental suites with high speed drills and the very latest ultrasonic scalers. This ensures that surgery time is kept to a minimum, which is reflected in our set price for dentals.

Digital Capnography

A capnograph measures the amount of carbon dioxide that a patient is breathing out while they are under anaesthesia and has been proven to be more effective than observation alone in the detection of adverse reactions.


Our Newport branch can offer orthopaedic surgery. If your pet has a bone problem we have a vet who can help.


Digital X-ray

All of our X-ray machines use digital imaging as opposed to printed films, so there are no longer waiting times for films to be developed. Our vets can refer to the x-ray images almost instantly, meaning your pets treatment plan can be implemented immediately.


Ultrasound imaging is generally utilised to check the health of unborn puppies, kittens etc. It can be used in order to assess a patient before potentially having to proceed to more invasive procedures.


Weight Clinics

Animals, like humans, can have too much of a good thing! Excess weight can lead to a whole host of problems, including joint problems and diabetes. If necessary, our vets can prescribe a variety of specially formulated, weight-loss diets to help your pet lose weight.

Nurse Clinics

We are proud to have a number of Registered Veterinary Nurses who can perform free dental checks, post-operative checks and a whole range of services.

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