Prices & Referrals

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Current Prices September 2023* 

Consult - £57.24

Re-exam Consult - £52.92

Prescription - £36.32

Cat Booster - £70.20

Dog Booster - £68.04

Kennel Cough Vaccine - £49.92

Best Start Puppy/Kitten Pack - £99.00

Insurance Claim Administration Processing Fee - £35.18**

Neuters - This can vary dependant on the size of your pet and whether there are any complications. Best to contact your nearest branch for details.  

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If your animal is poorly you will first need a consultation with one of our vets. We will then give you a variety of options for your pet and the price it will likely be. Please be mindful that we cannot provide ‘quotes’, only estimates.  

*Please note that our prices do sometimes change, and we cannot guarantee that the website updates immediately after a price increase. Please check costs with one of our receptionists before booking your appointment, as we cannot be held accountable for website prices being slightly behind and you will be asked to pay the price on the day.

**Please note that all indirect and direct claims have a £35.18 administration processing fee payable before we can complete your claim​.

Second opinions and referrals 

We are a first opinion practice, so we might advise that complex cases be sent to see a different vet who might have more knowledge in a certain field. We will arrange any referrals for you internally and get an estimate. You can then you can liaise with the referral centre regarding payment/insurance details, and take your pet to them for more advanced surgery or more complicated care needs.  


Prescriptions are available from our practice upon request. You can obtain medicines from us, or ask for a prescription. A prescription may not be appropriate if your animal is an in-patient or needs immediate treatment. Your vet can only prescribe drugs to an animal under their care. You will be informed (upon request) of the price of any medicines that may be dispensed. The general policy of this practice is to perform a re-examination consultation of an animal requiring repeat prescriptions every 3 months, but this may vary with individual circumstances.