Nicky Tedstone

Nursing Manager

Nicky Tedstone - Nursing Manager
Nicky Tedstone RVN CertECC CertAnaes Nursing Manager

Hi, I'm Nicky, I qualified in 1996 and I am still as passionate about being a veterinary nurse as I was then. I have further studied and hold certificates in anaesthesia and emergency, critical care.  A fair part of my role is mentoring, and I very much enjoy being able to pass on my knowledge and experience.

I enjoy family holidays with my husband and three children, walking, swimming, canoeing, camping , gardening, karate and horse riding, basically anything active and preferably outside.

I have 4 dogs,3 cats, 2 ponies and a hamster.

I did have my 15 minutes of fame with Rhod Gilberts Work experience and was given a very unflattering name.